These 5 things you have at home can Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer

Fresh flowers have a certain allure. They contain the ability to enchantingly improve your mood, increase your productivity, and give your house a new look. Making an effort to keep them alive and blossoming for a long period makes perfect sense.

Unbelievably, these home items you find just sitting around the kitchen can help in keeping your fresh flowers looking lovely for a long time. Prevent your favourite flowers from drying up too quickly and use these easy floral tricks.


soda and pink flowers

If you're about to throw out those cans of soda or bottles that still have a few drops of carbonated goodness, you should reconsider. Pour the remaining drops into the vase or flower arrangement. The sugar content will help the flowers last longer and will delay the withering process. If you're using a clear vase, you can use clear soda. To avoid a cloudy appearance in the vase, change the water regularly.



Apple Cider Vinegar to keep flowers fresh

Apple cider vinegar has been dubbed the "new miracle ingredient," and it can also help keep your flowers fresh. Simply combine 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Add this concoction to your floral arrangement and watch the freshness grow! Make sure the water is changed every few days to avoid a cloudy appearance, and that there is a fresh dose of the vinegar mix to keep your flowers fresh.


Vodka and flowers


With the aid of this simple yet intriguing flower hack, you can preserve the beauty of your blooms for a long time. Add a few vodka drops and a teaspoon of white sugar to the vase's water just before you put the flowers in it. You'll be astonished at how long the stems stay straight when using this floral hack to prevent wilting in your flowers. To keep the flowers alive for a few more days, repeat this until they inevitably start to die.


Aspirin to keep flowers fresh

If you thought aspirin was only useful for headaches, think again! You can crush a few aspirin tablets and add the granules to the vase or bowl containing the flowers. This will ensure that the flowers remain fresh for at least a week. Water must be changed regularly here as well.



Ice cube and flowers

In addition to hydrating your flowers, using ice cubes instead of water is a terrific way for you to save water. If you just bought some orchids, put them in a vase and water them every day with one or two ice cubes. Your orchids will slowly drip with moisture thanks to this genius floral hack when the ice cubes slowly melt.


Ready to hear some additional flower hacks?


This hack is especially useful when dealing with roses. Simply squeeze the space where the petals meet the stem and then release. This simple exercise keeps the oxygen flowing for longer, allowing the flowers to stay fresh. It keeps the roses from wilting too quickly. Also, before placing the stems in a vase, make sure to trim them underwater. This also keeps the flowers fresher for a longer period.


Flowers can also stay fresh for a longer period if they are kept away from direct sources of light and sunlight. Don't put the flowers right near a window, if possible.

You can repeat any of these hacks once or twice a week (depending on when you see the flowers droop) to extend the life of your fresh flowers.

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