picture of the community stage marquee set up on Saturday Market days at Southside Flower Market
It's important for a business to openly support the community that supports it and that is what we are working towards here at Southside Flower market.

The Community Stage is one way that we can help shine the spotlight on local kid musicians from the schools around our city. By giving them a space to perform and also create content for their social media is a really simple and basic way that we can assist.

By allowing others into our space and helping them promote themselves through cross promotion with us is such a win win for the community and for our company also.

The feel good factor is through the roof.

Performers on the Community Stage get travelling money, a branded performance area and also cross promotion on the companies social media. Most Gig slots are for 1.5 hours on a Saturday Morning.

We are always looking for performers who want to take part. Get in touch if you are interested.

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