Image of a Gift card with a red bow and the Southside Flower Market logo on it.
Southside Flower Market is pleased to be able to offer E-Gift Cards only 5 short months after the opening of the online store. 

"We have been asked by many customers to provide an E-Gift Card solution so that they can easily give someone they love a code to shop with. I like to call it Flowers by SMS" jokes founder, nicki christensen.

"We have had the manual Flower Vouchers since we opened, but they are not able to be used online. This digital solution makes flower gifting easier and also meets the Last Minute requirement many people need in todays busy world.

We've decided on varying denominations, around what they recipient actually can purchase with the E-Gift Card. The customer is always at the top of our mind in everything we do."

Available now via this link

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