Southside Flower Market wins BEST OF LOGAN - Logans Best Florist 2022

Local radio station Rebel FM recently ran the “Best of Logan 2022” which included asking the question “Who is the Best Florist in Logan?”. The votes are in and that has been answered clearly by voting from the public with Southside Flower Market announced as the winner.

“We are incredibly humbled by this award. It is only our 14th month in business and to have the people of Logan clearly vote us as their preferred florist choice in Logan is not only humbling but very satisfying as well” said co-owner Nicki Christensen.

The creation of innovative affordable flower products like the now famous “FLOWER HUG” has seen a solid regular clientele support Southside Flower Market which is still technically considered a start-up business. The Business is especially proud of its “Value Flowers” price point which is evidenced by the BUNDLE BUY. This is an offer of flowers providing 6 bunches of flowers and foliage for only $50, which is how Southside is helping to spread positive mental health around the city of Logan.

“The team of wonderful flower artisans we have are wonderful and this award is a great testament to their hard work and focus on providing a friendly, helpful flower buying experience & flower market right here in the City of Logan”.

“Our team is incredibly thankful for this award and excited that people are getting to experience the joy of shopping at Logan's biggest walk-in cold room facility & Indoor Plant Jungle”.

Not only are fresh beautiful flower bouquets offered as a staple here but we also offer the “Unfussy Wedding Packages” for brides that want their special wedding day flowers without all the fuss.

A coveted award, the Best of Logan 2022 – Logan's Best Florist Award has caused some controversy this year with reports of other florists in the region getting upset that Southside won this year.

When we asked about the controversy market manager Margi Velthuis responded with “We know that it was a genuine vote by the people of Logan & we are incredibly thankful and grateful to our loyal customers who took the time to vote for us. We are so humbled and proud of what we have created in the 14 short months that we have been serving the people of Logan.”

“It’s great that people are now starting to realize we exist, like Joel Hall from REBELFM. The only link we have to the station is that we are an advertiser, that’s it. There were no special preferences given to us, no different to our activities on Logans 101.1FM.” says Nicki Christensen.

Southside Flower Market is open on Weekdays 8 am to 4 pm and Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm, closed Sundays.

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