Top 3 reasons why flowers from SOUTHSIDE FLOWER MARKET are worth it in this cost of living crisis.

"Everythings getting more expensive I'm worried about spending money on Flowers. Is it worth it?"

This is a common question that we overhear when we are out and about. Now ofcourse, Flowerlovers and Die Hard (totally a christmas movie) Flower Buyers know the value of flowers and what they bring to the home or the recipient, but for people who haven't experienced quality, lasting flowers - they are sceptical and fair enough!

So, what to know if you are a sceptical flower buyer about Flowers from Southside Flower Market:-

1) They Last:- thats why we offer a 5 Day flower gaurantee on almost anyting in the market (some soft flowers like roses, Tulips & Peonies in summer wont go 5 full days) but about 80% of our product range will. Regular customers get to enjoy this "safety" of knowing that their flowers are quality AND if on the odd occasion that they don't behave as they should, they are covered. 

2) They are Value Loaded:- 40 Times more value than compared to a meal at a Restaurant as an experience.

If you think about it a meal for 2 at a restaurant is easily $150 with wine. That meal lasts for say 3 hours, Max. As an experience thats it.
Flowers on the other hand, last on average for 120hrs. Now, the average price of flowers sold is $69 (the range is from $25 to $250). 

So: $69 divided by 120hrs = 58 cents an hour. Enjoyment for 5 days at only 58 cents an hour! Isn't that awesome value?

3) We actively work to keep the price points LOW:- We live in the same economy as everyone else too and what we constantly do is revise ways on how we can keep the price points low whilst keeping the value High.

Alot of that comes from the skills of the florists that make the items. Product placement and construction of the floral gift is key, utilizing space and size to ensure the value is recognizable by the eye of the beholder.

Our promise to you is that we will always work hard to keep flowers affordable for all, after all, that is why we started the business back in 2021 in the first place. 
Offering you an alternative to supermarket flowers was critical for us.

4) Mental Health is improved when flowers & plants are in the house:- Eureopean researchers have proven that people have an uplift in Oxygen and Oxcytocin when they are exposed to flowers and plants in their living and work spaces. This in turn helps to increase mental well being.

Thats why we say "Flowers Make People Happy"

Trust what our Customers say about us.
Check out our Google Reviews about our quality and service here.

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