Candle Safety & Tips Guide

When using any candle common sense really has to be used & you need to be sure to follow strict candle safety guidelines as it is an open flame. When you take also take care of your candles, they will last longer and keep performing as they should.

Here are 11 candle safety tips to follow when using your candles:

1. Take care when extinguishing your candles. Make sure you blow them out carefully and Never use water Or normally also even the candle jar lid to extinguish the candle. You can Only use the candle jar lid to extinguish the flame if directed to on the product's packaging. 

2. Don't burn the candle all the way to the very bottom of the jar as this can cause the jar to crack or break and possibly start a fire. 

3. Never burn candles near a fan, draft or air conditioning duct as this is unsafe and may cause the flame to jump & catch onto other objects nearby.

4. Do not burn candles near anything flammable like items such as paper, towels, curtains or even most decorations etc.

5. Always use candles on surfaces that are heat resistant & never leave a candle unattended. You should always have your candles within your line of sight and not leave them unattended for long periods. This will help avoid accidental fires from starting.

6. Jars in Candles & Pillar Candles will ofcourse gradually get hotter as the candle burns. We suggest not to move a burning candle as this can cause injury and is a fire hazard. Wati 10 minutes for it to cool, after blowing it out. wait for the wax to solidify and then you can move it.

7. Dont allow the flame to burn up against the side of the glass jar as this may cause the jar to blacken and crack or break.

8. Burning your candles for over long periods can cause the jar to overheat and break. It's best to avoid burning candles for longer than 4 hours. This time frame will ofcourse vary based on the candles size. See the manufacturer’s directions on the packaging if unsure.

9 You should trim your candle wick before use and never have it too long as the flame may become uncontrollable. Conversely do not trim the wick too much as a short wick will create smoke and uneven burning. Approximately 6-10mm should prevent mushrooming.

10. Keep candles away and out of reach from pets and children.

11. The country that burns the most candles domestically is Denmark. They have a word for this effect that the candles have, its called HYGGE. Although this has no direct english translation,but the closest meaning is "coziness".

As they say in Denmark, lets HYGGE with the candles





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