LOCAL LEGENDS Pass is created especially for the local legends we have amongst us.
Local Legend Flower Pass
Community would not function without volounteers and although committe members and club helpers dont do it for recognition, we wanted a little way to honour the legends amongst us in our community.

Please feel free to nominate your Local Legend below:-

Please copy and paste the below on an email and send to us.

Your Name:
Your Mobile Number:
Your Postal Address:
Your relationship to nominee:

Nominees Name:
Nominees Position:
What is their club/group name:
Club/Group physical address:
Why are they deserving to be recognized as a legend:
Nominees Mobile Number:
Nominees Postal Address:

Would you like us to present their card to them at a club/group meeting?
If yes, please tell us the days nights they hold the meetings etc.

Of if you would like us to mail it direct to them, please tell us where to mail the card to:

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Here at Southside Flower Market we have several passes offering extra benefits to groups of people that are important to us.