We do wedding packages here at Southside Flower Market. 

We have 3 packages to choose from OR you can go FULL Bespoke.

1) Seasonal Wedding Package $799
2) Reflexed Rose wedding package $ 650
3) Native Wedding Package $ 1,149

(All packages are subject to availibility of the flowers they describe and may not be available due to mother nature circumstances. We don't control the weather:-))

In the Seasonal Wedding Package:- $799
This is a full florist choice package made to your colour tones such as:
Pink & White | White & Green | Brights.
(Does not include Colombian roses, orchids, luxury flowers etc)

  • Brides Bouquet x 1 
    Made in a rounded shape (25-30cm diameter)
    Finished with Silk look ribbon

  • Maids Bouquets x 3 (15-20cm diameter)
    Smaller version to bridal bouquet of a rounded shape

  • Button holes x 4
    Single rose to your colour preference

  • Add ons available: Bridesmaids Bqts $145, Jnr Bridesmaids $75 & Button Holes $22

In the Reflexed Wedding Package for $650:-
Dozen reflexed Colombian roses in your colour preference.

  • Brides Bouquet x 1 - 12 Reflexed Colombian Roses of your colour preference styled at different dimensions with silk look ribbon

  • Maids Bouquets x 2
    8 Reflexed Colombian roses styled at different dimensions with silk look ribbon.

  • Button holes x 3
    Single rose with foliage wrapped with floral tape and a pearl pin.

  • Add ons available: Bridesmaids Bqt $160, Jnr Bridesmaids $95, Buttonholes $22, Corsage $55, Bag of petals $45, Table arrangements starting from $45, Bridal Table garland starting at $145, Cake Flowers (Mix of Bridal Flowers) $55

In the Native Wedding Package $1,149:-
(Subject to seasonal fluctuations. Available normally March to Nov)

  • Brides Bouquet x 1 (25cm diameter)
    Made in a rounded shape with seasonal native flowers such as proteas, leucadendron, banksia and filler flower to compliment with Eucalyptus Gum.

  • Maids Bouquets x 3 (15-20cm diamter)
    Smaller version to bridal bouquet in rounded shape.

  • Button holes x 4
    Small cluster of native flower with floral taper and a peral pin

  • Add ons available: Bridesmaids Bouquet $165, Junior Bridesmaids $105, Buttonholes $24

We've also got a list of product ad ons for you to choose from.

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