10 Mixed Rose Kisses

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10 Mixed Rose (40cm) Kisses in this Loved up Bouquet. The roses are Naked Stem supported by Lush foliage & ofcourse comes gift wrapped.g

The roses are mixed colours within the Bouquet, so not 10 stems of the same clour, but 10 stems that will have varying colours in it. Colour choice is florists choice.

** You agree to the following by purchasing this item:- Valentines Day is almost a Global event in every country & supply factors out of our control will ultimately dictate if we can supply the purchases that you make. You accept that should we not be physically able to supply your order, that you will accept a full refund with no further claim against us, should we be unable to fulfill your order. We will know if we cannot supply you 24hrs prior to 6pm on the day of your order.

( As you would expect, we ofcourse have done alot of work on numbers, arrival times etc & our expectation is that we can fulfill your order as we cap numbers, its only if the farms or airlines or road transport breaks down that we wont be able to supply.)

Delivery Times:- 
All deliveries for the 14th of February will be delivered sometime between 6am and 6pm. (Final delivery run allocation is done at midnight day before once all orders are locked in).

Timed Deliveries ie: need it there by X time. - Not possible for the 14th of February. 

If you have a time sensative delivery needed, we suggest you book an UBER using your UBER APP (we can only book 1 uber at a time on our app) just let us know in your order comments that you will use this method & approx time ie 11am pick up, so we can be ready OR come and pick it up and deliver it yourself if thats possible.

If you want to pick up just choose the Click Collect option.

IF you have any questions feel free to ask us on chat before ordering. m.me/southsideflowermarketlogancity or call us on 1300 88 61 71

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