Bundle Buy - Now 6 Bunches for only $50

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Colour Palette: Pinks
Size: Everyday Value
Sale price$50.00 Regular price$57.00


Bulk Flower Deal - 6 Bunch Bundle for only $65

A great gift that gives a variety of flowers and that provides enough volume to fill up many vases and rooms of the house, that's why its the FILL YOUR HOUSE.

What you get: Everyday Value & in Premium Seasonal-
  • 6 bunches of special tape coloured bunches
    The 6 bunches may include a filler or greenery and that is considered as part of the bunch count. Ie: Greenery & Filler is not free.
  • most bunches are in plastic wrap or sleeve, some are not
  • the opportunity to arrange them your own way once received
  • Florist choice. Will hand pick bunches from the cold room selection when ordered.
  • *Pls note bunches are not as big as the farm size wholesale bunches.

* It's important that you understand the Pictures are a guide only. We will choose 6 bunches that represent a good mix out of the flowers & Foliage/Filler that are available on the day and time that we pick your order.

To be clear  you probably will not get the same flowers looking exactly like they do in the photo but we will ensure you get the Value & Quality you've not only paid for but come to expect from us here at Southside Flower Market.

** Photos are representative & may show more than the 6 bunches as we do sell a VIP double bundle buy as well.


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Save $7.00
Bundle Buy - Now 6 Bunches for only $50Bundle Buy - Now 6 Bunches for only $50
Bundle Buy - Now 6 Bunches for only $50
Sale priceFrom $50.00 Regular price$57.00

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