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This one is a Smart Way to send the one you love flowers each month:

We know that receiving flowers in a relationship should lead to a deeper connection and hopefully a more romantic time spent together as a couple. Thats why we thought, HANG ON A MINUTE - What if for Valentines Day you could buy ONCE and receive the LOVE OnGoing for the rest of the year?

Here's what we are offering (Its not for everyone!) - ONLY 50 of these available in this offering. (exclusive to the first 50 purchasors for Valentines Day).

Your Lover Receives a Bundle Buy Box Full of flowers (6 Bunches. Value $50) to put around the house & then the next month a Seasonal Bouquet alternating each month, 1 item per month.

Starting In MARCH. So the first send out will be in MARCH week 1.

How to Buy:-

Step 1:
Purchase this item called MARCH month which is a Bundle Buy Box Full of flowers for $50.

(Delivery is payable on checkout relevant by postcode. It will show you before you complete)

Step 2:
Enjoy the love and attention coming your way when they receive the first item.

Step 3:
Then we will recharge your card each month 1-2 days before the arrival of the next item. By doing it this way, you know its coming because you can see the charge on your card.

You can cancel any time but IF we have already charged the months item, then you will accept that months item gets sent and then opt out from the following month onwards.

Step 4:
Enjoy the love and attention coming your way when they receive their monthly item.

You can even customize your messages each month, but you will have to send us an email with those to otherwise we will put on a message like:- Surprise! Here's your Flower Love Delivery from <your name>. Feel free to customize each month, just email by the 1st day of each month.

We will do all of the work for you. All you have to do, is to let us know if your Lover moves address so we can update it in the system. Delivery charge is worked out by Postcode.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing that we will run your card each month for the same amount as your check out value is today.

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