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Our ever popular Flower Hug with Sunflowers is a Local Faourite.

Share the sunshine and joy with this hug:-
- Sunflowers to bring a smile no matter what life brings
- Ofcourse it comes in its own Flower Hug glass vase

* We would like you to know the following:-

The number 1 complaint online is about flowers not looking like a photo. Sheesh, this is a hard one. Mother Nature creates all her children uniquely, so we will always give you the value you paid for, but the floral item we create may look different. Head open stage may be different than the photo, even the center of the sunflower may be a different colour. It will still be a sunflower but mabye a different variety.  It may have different head sizes & open stages. What we wont ever do, is not give you the value you paid for.

The way we approach your order is with the view to give you the best bespoke hand made floral item we can, with the flowers available in the market. (we operate one of the biggest flower markets through FLOWERHUB so our flower access is one of the best)

If you are particular about colours, flower types etc then we ask that you please just let us know in the order notes and we will accomodate them where ever we can. You can use the words NO SUBS & we will know.

IF you have any questions feel free to ask us before ordering or use the chat button on this screen. You can also call us on 1300 88 61 71.

Your Guarantee:- You are always covered on non sale items by our 5 Day Flower Guarantee which means if the flowers misbehave or disappoint, simply return them within 5 days for a replacement, refund or both.

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