Joy Scented Candles

Size: Small (7.5 * 6 cm)
Scent: Magnolia
Sale price$12.00


This is the perfect gift, either add on to the floral or give by itself.

These scented candles will fill your home with natural fragrance. Having lighted scented candles at home can help you relax. feel calm and energise your brains to create a productive mindset.

The Joy range of Koch & Co scented candles contain fresh citrus yet sweet scent of Magnolia blossoms. Presented in an elegant rose quartz cut glass container featuring a diamond pattern perfect for any home style.

Available in 2 sizes for some and madefrom a mix of palm and paraffin waxes.

Available in 3 scents & 2 Sizes for some:-

  • Magnolia
  • Rainforest Gardenia
  • Grapefruit & Lily

Price shown is for 1 item althought photos may have more than 1 item for showcasing the product.

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