Orchid Plant - Boogee Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Beauty in a Bloom - Phaly plants are a symbol of sophistication & style. 
They are Boogee!

Pricing is for 1 plant in a Ceramic Container container.

This single spike plant needs minimal water, only about 3 ice cubes worth a week, to look its best. Low maintenance it should last between 4 weeks - 20 weeks environment dependent.

The growers produce mixed colours so exact choice is not always possible. Please let us know what your preference of colour is. If the colour you choose is not available, we will substitute it with another colour. By ordering this product you happily agree to us doing this.

Plants are Cool -
 By sending someone a plant you are really sending them tranquility in a Gift. Many studies in Europe have shown that having plants in your space helps increase oxygen levels and lower stress & anxiety levels in most humans. Its a great gift.

* We would like you to know the following:-

We photograph the item shown to you online from a grouping of plants the grower has sold to us. We choose the one that looks the most like the majority, but there are ofcourse variations in leaf & flower openness stage & length.

Mother Nature creates all her children uniquely, so we will always give you the value you paid for, but the plant may look a little different. 

The way we approach your order is with the view to give you the best bespoke hand made floral item we can, with the flowers available in the market. (we operate one of the biggest flower markets through FLOWERHUB so our flower access is one of the best)

IF you have any questions feel free to ask us before ordering or use the chat button on this screen. You can also call us on 1300 88 61 71.

Your Guarantee:- You are always covered on non sale items by our 5 Day Flower Guarantee which means if the flowers misbehave or disappoint, simply return them within 5 days for a replacement, refund or both.

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