Seasonal Flower WOW box

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WARNING: not for the meek, this gift is for someone who wants to make a statement. Oh WOW is the normal reaction when someone gives this as a present, so be prepared for the fawning and impressed recipient!

An arrangement in floral foam presented in our very popular "hat" boxes, it is a Statement Piece. Be ready for the WOW.

Full of seasonally available flowers, we will pick natives if they're available and also other lovely seasonal flowers, its just a whole lot of Yummy Floral goodness.

  • your purchase is covered by our 5 Day return or refund Guarantee.

* It's important that you understand the Pictures are a guide only to show you the style & approximate size of the floral gift. 

Ultimately the actual flower composition & head open stage will vary depending on what flowers are available on the day at the market at the time of your ordering.

To be clear  you probably will not get the flowers looking exactly like they do in the photo but we will ensure you get the Value & Quality you've not only paid for but come to expect from us here at Southside Flower Market.

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